Friday, August 14, 2009


Rarely today is the yoiuth challenged like the youth at Cross Pointe were at the first anual Spelling Bee. Featuring special guest judge [cross pointes very own] Ms. Ebony Davis, and a even more special guest judge Ms. Andrea Canthrell the Member director of the Chambers of Commerce. The spellin bee starred both CP youth and Citi Church Youth [once again shout outs to pastor Joe] The First place joint winners [myself] Your Very Own Captin P and [CC] Alyssa Schaffer (she gave me a sick run for my money and she was pretty who said brains and looks can't share a hostest), second place winner [from CP and my homie] Derrick Pope, and last place winner (a straight A honor student so don't think because she finished last she isn't a brain) Tevonna Nembhard.
The competition was set in motion by CP youth leader [and my aunt (srry about stiffing you on the other blog, but she also put together the shut-in... although i should have been won the money)] Ms. Sequoia "First Lady" Snead and youth director's [my other aunts (also fully hands on with the shut-in)] Ms. Angela "Angie" Mosley and Ms. Ebony Davis. The youth was exposed to 45 commonly used and unknown words such as Abase- to humiliate or degrade and Abnegation- to denie comfort to ones self. These words would be the words we compete against each other with for a prize of $50...( it's a church and the money isn't alway the most important).
Personally I was cheated because the date was pushed back almost 2 months but the day finally came. And after alot of back and forth with me mainting a constant lead the finals left only me and Alyessa heading on. Which cause the judges to step it up and start using random words from a physics books. I missed she hit, then I hit and she missed, then from there it was a back and foirth situation. A word a piece from the physics book, two words a piece from the list, and the again two words a piece from the physics book, leaveing us held up 20 mins after bible study have ended and with a dead lock tie with no sign of quiting and no room for fialure. At which point both champions decided to split all earning and stand side by side as WINNERS.
So once again in my closing much love to CROSS POINTE, And CROSS POINTE YOUTH DEPT. (all my aunts) and all the participating youth. and A HUGE SPACE CADET SHOUT OUT TO ALYSSA SCHAFFER. and LIVE LIFE PDG OUT


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