Saturday, August 1, 2009


Facts First= I lost my virinigity and 7 [no lie] so sexy isn't top priority anymore.Life is a fascinating thing most people spend thier whole life chasing a dream. I'm living proof of it, I spent my life chasing the models and short light sking girls with long hair. I turned down a lot of good girls real wife type. And I've been stuck with a lot of crazy goosy goose type chicks. But i know see more than anything else it's cool to have a wife. A nice mature young lady who has a good head on her shoulders. Well spoken and intelligent, well manored, and just old fashion. I was raised closly by my great grandmother so I love old fashion. A girl who's not all club and party, honestly I don't go but i love a girl with church morals. I'm the type of dude that just love to see my girl smile. I have money and i can't take with me to the other side so i spend it. But not stupidly anymore i use it on miricals and fantasies. I usally try to turn my first date with a girl into her dream date... or as romantic as possible. The one im saving for a good one is on the deck of my house moon lite, complimented by candle light, soft music, homecooked meal [Yeah im Chef Boy R Negro]. I love to talk with my girl, and just hold while a nice funny movie is playing. I like taking walks just to have nice quite alone time . I am all about being 100 ALL THE TIME im not a hlaf asser. But it seems i only find Ghetto loud rude ignorent girls. Im not prince Charming in the face but i am in side. I was raised as a Gangster born a Thug, but now i can say proudly im a MAN and i need a WOMEN.


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