Saturday, August 1, 2009


Things are about to get graphic please read it anyway it will HELP
To jump right into this is for all the bitches in the world. GEt the Fuck over the bullshit with ya bitchassness boyfriend. You bitches spend the whole motherfucking relationship mad at this nigga but you stay with him. Then you bitches want come on myspace and cry about this shit in your fucking blogs, name, and anything else you bitches can cry on but you stay with that bitch ass nigga. And then when a good dude try to get with you, you sit there and stand by thatbitch ass nigga eith ya'll dumb asses. But would sit there the whole fucking conversation talking about how much that nigga aint shit. Ya bitches need to stop taking that dumb shit from niggas and stand the fuck up. I'm fucking tierd of every motherfucking love song or R&B song that fucking come out ya'll bitches want to become all to the left and shit. But when you get to you Boyfriend the nigga who treat ya dumbass the shittiest you want to turn all Whitney Houston and shit. What ya really need to fucking do is sit ya nigga down and tell that nigga cut the shit. Fuck the bullshit let him know he got to get the fuck right (and yes you must say FUCK) or get the fuck along. Because the truth is (and sorry dudes)but we only do the shit we do because ya bitches aint going to do shit about but cry to ya motherfucking friends who going throgh that exact same dumb shit. And that dumb bitch going to tell stay with him and defend that dumb fuck because her dumb fuck is treating her just as bad and she so motherfucking happily misriable she think that shit is AO motherfucking K. And the worst part is ya dumb bitches ponder all day long if you should leave that nigga but at the end of the day your dumb ass is saying you fucking love him. While the dude who actually want to make you happy got to see and hear your ass cry about this shit every second your not talking to him, bu twhen he call its "I'm a call you back" with the dumb shit. And then by time you leave him your no good because your dumb ass is all I HATE MEN and shit.
Please ladies listen its time to get right our generation is getting older its time to smarting up dont let these nigga treat ou like shit. Don't be a statistic of a black female. Be the proud Queens you are.
and sorry about the language but i cant hold it in anymore ya'll deserve better but ya blinded by fradgulent love. Messing with nigga ya whole high school career and then at the end of your junior year you want to leave him and get on some im not looking for a relationship shit. because this nigga got you all hurt. Please talk to your man and if the bitch ass nigga dont want to get right then please let him go.


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