Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hey second time around here I go This isn't for smuts and side chicks this for the classy 1s [RIGHHHHHHHT lol]So off rip yeah a good 45% or niggas are dogs, and 45% of females are bitches about 35% of each are actually worth anything, and the others are just moving life lessons. Srry but its a part of life. But im tired of all these strong high and mighty wonder women who dnt have or cant keep a man who are some how professors on MEN [riggggggggght]. Now the keyword for life is responsibility. Most girls complain about the guys they date and how most men dont want relationships and are afraid of strong women... NO Stupid... we love strong women but nobody likes anybody who walks around on some "oh you only want stupid girls I am TO strong and smart for u and wanting to throw it in people face all day long thats y mmen fuck you over... and i can bet most of those females dnt have to many females friends either [hint maybe] its anoying stop the high horse shit andyou might get lucky. But now to my other chicks i apologize for my spicies but at the same time if a dude try to talk to u and he's not prince charming your less subjectable to talk to him not saying he wount do u dirty but at least her him out. and stop chasing niggas who think they better then you. Open your eyes just atch men aren't that hard to figure out. Plus dnt be so fast to jump a friendship period if he wount even wait threw that then he's a half as nigga anyway. Take Controll dont complain n go for dudes you see about shit and are naturally kind kool and your type. try searching for your people... Models [geeks they're going to cherich you] get it because to him your special just for saying hi and you'll see how a reall nigga would react if hes really into u. But if you a dime and a nigga start a statement to u like Damn shawty, or Yo ma that nigga aint looking at you for you... and if your with a dude and ya barely to never really talk he dnt care wats coming out of you mouth its whats going in thats more important PDG OUT


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