Friday, August 14, 2009


Rarely today is the yoiuth challenged like the youth at Cross Pointe were at the first anual Spelling Bee. Featuring special guest judge [cross pointes very own] Ms. Ebony Davis, and a even more special guest judge Ms. Andrea Canthrell the Member director of the Chambers of Commerce. The spellin bee starred both CP youth and Citi Church Youth [once again shout outs to pastor Joe] The First place joint winners [myself] Your Very Own Captin P and [CC] Alyssa Schaffer (she gave me a sick run for my money and she was pretty who said brains and looks can't share a hostest), second place winner [from CP and my homie] Derrick Pope, and last place winner (a straight A honor student so don't think because she finished last she isn't a brain) Tevonna Nembhard.
The competition was set in motion by CP youth leader [and my aunt (srry about stiffing you on the other blog, but she also put together the shut-in... although i should have been won the money)] Ms. Sequoia "First Lady" Snead and youth director's [my other aunts (also fully hands on with the shut-in)] Ms. Angela "Angie" Mosley and Ms. Ebony Davis. The youth was exposed to 45 commonly used and unknown words such as Abase- to humiliate or degrade and Abnegation- to denie comfort to ones self. These words would be the words we compete against each other with for a prize of $50...( it's a church and the money isn't alway the most important).
Personally I was cheated because the date was pushed back almost 2 months but the day finally came. And after alot of back and forth with me mainting a constant lead the finals left only me and Alyessa heading on. Which cause the judges to step it up and start using random words from a physics books. I missed she hit, then I hit and she missed, then from there it was a back and foirth situation. A word a piece from the physics book, two words a piece from the list, and the again two words a piece from the physics book, leaveing us held up 20 mins after bible study have ended and with a dead lock tie with no sign of quiting and no room for fialure. At which point both champions decided to split all earning and stand side by side as WINNERS.
So once again in my closing much love to CROSS POINTE, And CROSS POINTE YOUTH DEPT. (all my aunts) and all the participating youth. and A HUGE SPACE CADET SHOUT OUT TO ALYSSA SCHAFFER. and LIVE LIFE PDG OUT

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lady GaGa Hermaphrodite

Apparently GaGa copped to this a long time ago, but somehow it didn’t make a splash in the news until there was video of her penis hanging out during a concert. The peen in question makes its big debut just after the 1:00 mark.

So GaGa’s a hermaphrodite — I thought that was a politically correct term, but I’ve been informed the more PC term is “intersexual.” She has a penis and a vagina and she identifies as female. This is reportedly her statement about it, although take it with a grain of salt, because I haven’t been able to trace it back to any reliable source:

Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is that its not a big deal to me. like come on. its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big f*cking deal.

So whatever. If it’s not a big deal to her, it’s not a big deal to me. John Hughes died today. I’m in no mood to make a fuss over Lady GaGa’s tiny remnant penis.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Facts First= I lost my virinigity and 7 [no lie] so sexy isn't top priority anymore.Life is a fascinating thing most people spend thier whole life chasing a dream. I'm living proof of it, I spent my life chasing the models and short light sking girls with long hair. I turned down a lot of good girls real wife type. And I've been stuck with a lot of crazy goosy goose type chicks. But i know see more than anything else it's cool to have a wife. A nice mature young lady who has a good head on her shoulders. Well spoken and intelligent, well manored, and just old fashion. I was raised closly by my great grandmother so I love old fashion. A girl who's not all club and party, honestly I don't go but i love a girl with church morals. I'm the type of dude that just love to see my girl smile. I have money and i can't take with me to the other side so i spend it. But not stupidly anymore i use it on miricals and fantasies. I usally try to turn my first date with a girl into her dream date... or as romantic as possible. The one im saving for a good one is on the deck of my house moon lite, complimented by candle light, soft music, homecooked meal [Yeah im Chef Boy R Negro]. I love to talk with my girl, and just hold while a nice funny movie is playing. I like taking walks just to have nice quite alone time . I am all about being 100 ALL THE TIME im not a hlaf asser. But it seems i only find Ghetto loud rude ignorent girls. Im not prince Charming in the face but i am in side. I was raised as a Gangster born a Thug, but now i can say proudly im a MAN and i need a WOMEN.


Things are about to get graphic please read it anyway it will HELP
To jump right into this is for all the bitches in the world. GEt the Fuck over the bullshit with ya bitchassness boyfriend. You bitches spend the whole motherfucking relationship mad at this nigga but you stay with him. Then you bitches want come on myspace and cry about this shit in your fucking blogs, name, and anything else you bitches can cry on but you stay with that bitch ass nigga. And then when a good dude try to get with you, you sit there and stand by thatbitch ass nigga eith ya'll dumb asses. But would sit there the whole fucking conversation talking about how much that nigga aint shit. Ya bitches need to stop taking that dumb shit from niggas and stand the fuck up. I'm fucking tierd of every motherfucking love song or R&B song that fucking come out ya'll bitches want to become all to the left and shit. But when you get to you Boyfriend the nigga who treat ya dumbass the shittiest you want to turn all Whitney Houston and shit. What ya really need to fucking do is sit ya nigga down and tell that nigga cut the shit. Fuck the bullshit let him know he got to get the fuck right (and yes you must say FUCK) or get the fuck along. Because the truth is (and sorry dudes)but we only do the shit we do because ya bitches aint going to do shit about but cry to ya motherfucking friends who going throgh that exact same dumb shit. And that dumb bitch going to tell stay with him and defend that dumb fuck because her dumb fuck is treating her just as bad and she so motherfucking happily misriable she think that shit is AO motherfucking K. And the worst part is ya dumb bitches ponder all day long if you should leave that nigga but at the end of the day your dumb ass is saying you fucking love him. While the dude who actually want to make you happy got to see and hear your ass cry about this shit every second your not talking to him, bu twhen he call its "I'm a call you back" with the dumb shit. And then by time you leave him your no good because your dumb ass is all I HATE MEN and shit.
Please ladies listen its time to get right our generation is getting older its time to smarting up dont let these nigga treat ou like shit. Don't be a statistic of a black female. Be the proud Queens you are.
and sorry about the language but i cant hold it in anymore ya'll deserve better but ya blinded by fradgulent love. Messing with nigga ya whole high school career and then at the end of your junior year you want to leave him and get on some im not looking for a relationship shit. because this nigga got you all hurt. Please talk to your man and if the bitch ass nigga dont want to get right then please let him go.


Hey second time around here I go This isn't for smuts and side chicks this for the classy 1s [RIGHHHHHHHT lol]So off rip yeah a good 45% or niggas are dogs, and 45% of females are bitches about 35% of each are actually worth anything, and the others are just moving life lessons. Srry but its a part of life. But im tired of all these strong high and mighty wonder women who dnt have or cant keep a man who are some how professors on MEN [riggggggggght]. Now the keyword for life is responsibility. Most girls complain about the guys they date and how most men dont want relationships and are afraid of strong women... NO Stupid... we love strong women but nobody likes anybody who walks around on some "oh you only want stupid girls I am TO strong and smart for u and wanting to throw it in people face all day long thats y mmen fuck you over... and i can bet most of those females dnt have to many females friends either [hint maybe] its anoying stop the high horse shit andyou might get lucky. But now to my other chicks i apologize for my spicies but at the same time if a dude try to talk to u and he's not prince charming your less subjectable to talk to him not saying he wount do u dirty but at least her him out. and stop chasing niggas who think they better then you. Open your eyes just atch men aren't that hard to figure out. Plus dnt be so fast to jump a friendship period if he wount even wait threw that then he's a half as nigga anyway. Take Controll dont complain n go for dudes you see about shit and are naturally kind kool and your type. try searching for your people... Models [geeks they're going to cherich you] get it because to him your special just for saying hi and you'll see how a reall nigga would react if hes really into u. But if you a dime and a nigga start a statement to u like Damn shawty, or Yo ma that nigga aint looking at you for you... and if your with a dude and ya barely to never really talk he dnt care wats coming out of you mouth its whats going in thats more important PDG OUT


The shut was real cool it was a lot of testamonies and stories shared, the enviorment was beautiful and it was a real good way for teen youth and adult alike to gather and learn from each other how to and retain your innocents. Shout Out to Cross Pointe over GA and City church both Pastor D.W. Snead and Pastor Joe and all other adults and speakers who took the time out to minister to us. ALSO A SPPACE CADET SHOUT OUT TO PASTOR BLUE for coming all the way from NC to come and share a word of wisdom with us. So two thing to end off this adventure... from now on all my blogs will be positive messages and testamonies... and So 3010 records are in progress of putting together our own Shut in LOOK FOR IT. SO as usual and always LIVE LIFE PDG OUT.